Saturday, April 27, 2013

feast for the eyes...

AHRMA vintage moto race and swap meet..

we love corsa motoclassica and look forward to it every year!


started with the swap meet, of course.


 '73 greeves


nice to see you again, mr. Hickson!


we found fellow cannonballer DK on the ground, sold for $3!!


and we were included in the price :)


 niimie would love this booth!

we bumped into motorcycle designer Miguel Galluzzi. shinya was showing off his findings :)


 suzuki GT550

we decided to watch the race from the other side of the track and found this wrecking yard-ish spot back there.


 spectator 1


spectator 2 and his TT500


 and these are what shinya scored today.


and BSA ads :)



jam'zgarage said...

あ~~、何ですか? その底抜けに楽しそうな所は!!
100%楽しいですよね~! ちっくしょ~~!

menacing ayu said...

jam'zgarage: ダメダメ〜ここはもちろん楽しいですけど、N美さんの病には良くありません。100%悪化します。

brett coleman said...

Hello Comrades. Where do you get the "never not riding" t-shirts. They're reslly cool and so is your blog. Thanks. Brett.

matthias said...

"Greeves Motorcycles Ltd is a British motorcycle manufacturer producing motorcycles mainly for the trials and off-road market. Owner Richard Deal bought the rights to the Greeves name in May 1999. The original company had been producing motorcycles since 1952, funded by a contract with the Ministry of Pensions for their Invacar, a three-wheeler for disabled drivers. After many wins in motorcycle trials competitions and developing a successful US export market, the original company ceased trading following a fire in 1977. The new company continues to develop motorcycles and launched the first new Greeves Trials Bike for 20 years in January 2009, with an innovative all-new British two-stroke 280 cc engine."

from Wikipedia 2013

Greetings from Stuttgart, Matthias

Today was my SR500-day of the week - first riding, then cleaning & polishing !! Great!!

menacing ayu said...

brett coleman: thank you. about the t-shirts, someone made and gave it to shinya years ago.