Saturday, April 27, 2013

personality rock...

on the way to the highway from the willow springs race way. we stopped by here last year and i remember it was right at the closing time and the gate closed in front of us.


 the gate was open this year.


thinking about how and why they ended up being here in the cage (and probably they were in the cage before they were rescued) is heart wrenching...these birds were flying back and forth between inside and outside the cages.


just like last year, the abandoned houses were there right out side of the conservation center.


then we took highway 14 and realized that there were so many exits named "something canyon" or "something canyon road" so we decided to take one and check the canyon out.


and we saw the sign said "vasquez rocks park" so we stopped by. WOW shinya just kept climbing.


suddenly he turned and came down. yup, he's scared of heights :D


 he found a different route :)


 taking a nap :)


 found a hole in a rock.

 still climbing...

:D there is really a lot to learn about california.



r50us68 said...

You know in the future a man named Captain James T. Kirk will climb the same rocks that Shinya and you have climbed?

jam'zgarage said...


menacing ayu said...

r50us68: we realized that when we were there!

jam'zgarage: イエイ!

Pirate Tom said...

I want rocks like that. I miss being in the mountains.

Mac Guy said...

You guys are true explorers! :-D

GuitarSlinger said...

As an addition if I may . A damn fine article on HFL about Shinya just appeared over that a way . More than worth the read IMO !

A request ? Please add to and update the Works M/C photos if you would ...

menacing ayu said...

Pirate Tom: it's almost like meditation!

Mac Guy: :D

GuitarSlinger: thank you! i'll add more photos soon.