Saturday, May 4, 2013

eine kleine nachtmusik...

wow! we realized that the opening of the land speed race season is only two weeks or so away. we'd better start preparing!


shinya is thinking about modifying it to twin plug in some point in this season. for the season-opening race, he'd probably try to run the way it is now (setting-wise) to see how it goes because it was quite good. we'll see.



kilian said...

aaw, cool! i really love the spike, can't wait to get more pictures of the new modifications :)

and now: "schlaf gut" - mozart must have forgotten this ;)

greetings, kilian

menacing ayu said...

kilian: hahaha need a lullaby :)

Asao Itaya said...

今のところ、El Mirageの初戦を見学に行こうかと計画中。生スパイクの爆走楽しみです。


menacing ayu said...

あさおさん: お、いいですねえ!初戦だけ土曜・日曜と2日あるんですよ。爆走できるかな?

matthias said...

"Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major), K. 525, is a 1787 composition for a chamber ensemble by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The German title means "a little serenade," though it is often rendered more literally but less accurately as "a little night music." The work is written for an ensemble of two violins, viola, and cello with optional double bass, but is often performed by string orchestras."

Greetings from Germany,