Wednesday, May 29, 2013

from beyond the sea...

a box arrived from our friend AK of TASTE::CONCEPT MOTORCYCLE in tokyo!


who would have expected this? "the excercise book for the entrance exam for universty of fool" :D 


this was for me. the honda gorgeous stream scooter self-assembly model! the last time he sent me a self-assembly model of Gappa the creature :D i have no idea where he finds these rare vintage plastic models!

えーーーーー!!!ホンダのゴージャスストリームのプラモ!! 色はブリリアント レッド!前回は人生初のプラモにしてガッパを頂戴いたしましたが、こ、これは!早く作らねば。楽しみ過ぎるー。一体全体このようなレアなお宝プラモを何処で探し出してくるのか、恐るべしKウチヤマ氏。半端ないアンテナを張り巡らせているのでしょう。うーこれを超えるものを探すのは不可能かも。

he's not just good at finding geeky stuff or building motorcycles, he's also an very unique artist. after he found out that shinya got 126mph at el mirage, he engraved this (shinya and the spike on the dry lake) on a knuckle locker cover for us. he also engraved all the data from the timing slip on it because it wasn't the class record but our first goal was 125mph(200km) and he knew that. what a trophy! very touching.


it's our treasure but one day it may come in handy as a spare :)



matthias said...

Your cats are quite interested in your present from Japan...

Greetings from Germany, Matthias

menacing ayu said...

matthias: :-)

Travis Perich said...

I think he forgot to engrave you holding the camera taking the picture!

おいちゃん said...


menacing ayu said...

TP: hahaha i'm invisible :)