Wednesday, May 1, 2013

tool bums...

in a sequel to last year, H of Moto Auto Engineering in osaka, japan (Moto is his first name so he's a car guy) and his wife stopped by. they found this nice shop light/sign at the antique mall but wanted to leave it here as a shop(#12)-warming gift for our friend mopar W. how nice!

昨年に引き続き、大阪のMoto オート エンジニアリングのHマサキご夫妻が訪ねてきてくれた。MOTOはHマサキ氏の名前でオートバイという意味ではない、よって、カーガイ。そしてちょいスットコ気味。昨年のスットコエピソードは で、いつの間にか元祖スットコWタナベ氏とも知り合いになっていて、今回アンティーク・モールでせっかく見つけたこの素敵なライトを12番に献上すると言い出した。もったいない!元祖と違ってなんてナイスガイなんでしょ。

H also loves old tools. he looked deep into every drawer of shinya's vanity tool boxes...


and H couldn't help but show off what he scored at some swap meets to shinya.

shinya accepted H's challenge and showed him his favorite old hammer :D H was trembling and sighing and said "my god, i got goosebumps!" his wife and i were like ???? it was such a bizarre moment. these guys could just look at the tools and talk about the tools forever!


they brought us this very special organic rice from japan! yay!


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