Tuesday, June 25, 2013

an early riser..




W wanted to borrow saomething from shinya. he commutes between #12 and #7 with...hey, that's my skateboard!



 it's now ready for the owner to sit on it.


W told us while ago that he has been working since 5am so we thought he must be hungry and called for lunch but when we checked his office (or my room or party room) he was just sitting there relaxing.



i swang by the party room after lunch and see if he wanted to go for a ride but W was like this. overenthusiasm x jet lag.

そしてルンチ後、木村氏の作業が一段落したので山に行こうと誘いに来たら、これ。張り切り過ぎて早起き X 時差ボケ = 昼寝max


W turned down our invitation to take a sunset ride because he said he took too much nap and had to work to regain the lost time :D


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