Monday, June 24, 2013

i demand the unconditional withdrawal of the intruder...

picking up the goofy mopar guy W at the LAX. yes, he's back.


W got the space #12 when he was here last time in march but he had to go back right after he received the key from the landlord. so he was pretty excited to check out his own space again as you can tell.


i put all of my favorite furniture in the #12 office when W was away and this was W's first time seeing it in person. instantly W became loose as a goose and i felt like he was lingering in my room.


W brought us a lot of interesting num-num from japan.

 now welcome party is taking place in my room.

the room gets a bit romantic at night and they are still sitting in my room!

夜になるとかなりムーディに演出される12番の部屋でまったり。とにかく落ち着く(自分の家具だし)けど、なかなかWタナベ氏が帰らないのでとても落ち着かない、そんな気分になる。 しかし、これからしばらくここはWタナベ氏の王国となる。あー今日着いたばかりだけど、早く帰らないかなあスットコ。


Busch Brothers said...

haha! this is great, Ayu! Your room looks very nice. It reminds me of the shop we had when we lived in Seattle- it was a warehouse, but we had all of the furniture that we owned in the shop because we lived on a small boat, there was no room for it all on the boat :-) Most of it was from our grandmother- couches, dresser, night stands and more. It was like a "model" room, like you would see at IKEA hahaha, just like your room here

Travis Perich said...

You need the clear plastic covers for your couches!

pushrodmofo said...

And a stereo console so they can play some albums in the hi-fi! I see this becoming the party room! :)

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: hahaha

TP: DEFINITELY i need the clear plastic covers.

pushrodmofo: gee! they will never move from the party room then.