Monday, June 3, 2013

hello rattler and hello CL450...

my SR. new rear tyre, new handlebar. only i can tell the differences :D 


it was a fun ride more than ever!


 shinya found something...

 a rattlesnake!


we swapped bikes on the way back, for the first time! the CL450 is our very special friend's and shinya wouldn't let me ride it until today because, you know, he knows me VERY well. i finally granted permission!!


OMG!! i love CL450! it's light, dapper, and just so fun to ride. it's very different from SR500 and i enjoyed the differences. no wonder why shinya and niimie love to ride all different kinds of motorcycles. they always say "each motorcycle is different and we gotta enjoy each of them!" yup.


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