Tuesday, June 4, 2013

someone's 35th anniversary...

shinya couldn't stand the narrow tyre he got last week. it was too narrow and looked unbalanced as a whole. so he got another one. one size down and wider but still much narrower than the one we originally had. what he has been challenging here is not to make fastest bike but to make the motorcycle he loves faster. if he knew he was going to race the spike before he built it, the spike probably would never have been born.


he likes it better. i like it, too.


the air box or bento box, shinya wanted to remake it. it was on 3rd around 10:30pm.



he found this at swap meet or thrift store. it says "happy 35th anniversary" :D one way to put someone's anniversary gift to good use.





Mac Guy said...

I was soooooooo worried that the Spike would no longer be the machine that it has been. ( Awesome!!!)

Your philosophy is right on!!!! Fun is key!!

Thanks for your continued updates.

I can rest easy now :-)

ElSolitarioMC said...

love every word, every pic and the feelings behind

Hermann Huefner said...

the spike looks so graeat and fast! easy!

Anonymous said...

form Follows function