Tuesday, June 18, 2013

knowledge is golden...

"after the fact"... shinya reading kawasaki manual strenuously at a coffee roaster on the way from the crime scene.


the "evidence".

what has he done? he just found a '84 kawasaki GPZ550...


the guy who had this GPZ550 told us that the bike starts but it wasn't safe to ride around just yet. he said we needed to spend time and money to make it happen. gave us a long list of things what needs to be done and parts we need to buy including a new carb because according to him, one of the carbs sucks oil. ???sucks oil??? shinya took a look didn't say a word and the guy thought we were not gonna take it and started to reducing the price himself. so we took it.


 guess he put too much oil :D


about an hour later, shinya was ready to go for a test ride :)


the GPZ550 runs sooooooooo great. however, shinya found the rear tyre loosing air so we decided to head back and repair.


 went back slowly :)


 ah! nail!


the test ride second round. he let me ride it and we got to our usual spot. man, it was so powerful yet light and smooth. very fun to ride in the canyon. now it was shinya's turn to ride the GPZ550 back. then see the rear tyre? it was loosing air again. poor shinya...


shinya found a tube in the tubeless tyre...the real thrill of buying a motorcycle from classified ads...


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Busch Brothers said...

great! We have encountered many bikes like that, but of course Shinya knows exactly what he is doing just by looking- there is a lot of potential in other people's failed projects!