Friday, June 14, 2013

purple shovel...

N has been dealing with this miserable shovel. he said it has been in a terrible condition since he bought it. because he doesn't have much knowledge he took it to several shops and it just got worth. bummer! anyway, N told shinya that the front brake was dragging and shinya couldn't let it pass. it's not a wise choice to ride around an old bike in a bad condition with bad brake.

とにかく買った当初から調子の悪いN氏のパーポー・ショヴェル。最近はフロント ブレーキが引きずっているらしい。色々なショップで直すどころか余計に悪くなってお金だけを巻き上げられてるN氏。とは言え、調子が悪い上にブレーキの効かない乗り物を乗り回しているのを見逃す訳にはいかない。せめてブレーキだけでも直した方が身のため。時間が足りないので持ち込みのオートバイの修理を受けていない木村氏も、時に困っているヤングが来れば自分の時間を削って直してあげることもある。

testing time. this was shinya's first time trying N's shovel...


the brake worked fine but...shinya was shocked to find out how slow it was. it was obvious that something was wrong. he couldn't believe that N has been riding it like this. since this was N's first hearley, he didn't konw. poor N.


shinya was trying to change the jet...


 and opened the drain plug, some debris came out...


so he opened the carb and it was like this. probably rusts form the gas tank.




after some test riding and adjusting, the sound of the bike became beautifully the "hearly-davidson" sound :) and of course it got its speed back.


it still has a endless "to do" list but better save it for N. at least it's got better now. and a decent brake :D "i wanna let N ride a motorcycle in a good condition sooooo baaaad!!" shinya was howling at 1am.


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