Friday, June 14, 2013

“tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in los angeles,” -frank lloyd wright

came to the Schindler House designed by Rudolf Schindler built in 1921 to check out "everything loose will land" -1970s art and architecture in los angeles- exhibition.


felt like we were in a traditional japanese house except we didn't have to take off our shoes.


  simple kitchen

 minimal bathroom



stopped by at Power Plant to say hello to YE and J and to pick up parts for spike from Matt Olsen. wasn't sure how the parts from Matt in south dakota ended up here on melrose avenue. but thank you, Matt O! have a safe ride and we'll see you soon!

帰る途中でPower PlantのJから連絡があって、サウス・ダコタ州のMットOルセンから預かっているものがあるというので取りに寄った。Mットからスパイク用のパーツのサプライズ・プレゼント・・・でもどうしてサウス・ダコタのMットからのパーツがメルローズのPower Plantにあるんだろう。しかもMット、もうすぐ南カリフォルニア来るのに。謎。

shinya admires YE for keeping on trying and creating something new. it has been quite some time since YE started Power Plant and has been established his own style since then. "endurance makes us stronger and better!" shinya says.



matthias said...

"The Schindler House, also known as the House or Schindler Chace house, is a house in West Hollywood, California, Coordinates: 34°05′11″N 118°22′20″W / 34.086362°N 118.372235°W / 34.086362; -118.372235 designed by architect Rudolf Schindler.

The Schindler House was such a departure from existing residential architecture because of what it did not have; there is no conventional living room, dining room or bedrooms in the house. The residence was meant to be a cooperative live/work space for two young families. The concrete walls and sliding glass panels made novel use of industrial materials, while the open floor plan integrated the external environment into the residence, setting a precedent for California architecture in particular."

from Wikipedia 2013

Greetings from Stuttgart, Matthias

Mac Guy said...

There is nothing like the study of the great prolific creative people to re-energize and inspire the creativity in us all. As a graphic designer, learning from Shinya has become part of my own creative process.

As always, thanks for the insights. ☺

menacing ayu said...

Mac Guy: wow! thank YOU! ☺☺☺