Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the first fitting session...

B on his bmw for the first time :) the bike looked huge when shinya sat on it but it's not when B sits on it.


that's W on the left who looks like a big chief designer or something.


 little B on the bmw :)


big chief designer W took B to his self-admiring workshop "the #12" and showing off the malibu.


went for a canyon ride with B and B. we took a different route this year. can't wait to see the bmw running on the canyon road!


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Mac Guy said...

Wow! It must be so amazing to know a creation conceived and materialized by Shinya will soon be theirs to have and enjoy for many years to come. Best wishes and congratulations to B and B in becoming a curator of an extraordinary one of a kind work by shinya!

Happy Motoring ☺