Wednesday, June 26, 2013

everybody is heading west...

the great photographer Michael Lichter was here for born free 5 and landed at ontario airport from colorado and stopped by at workshop! it was for the first time meeting him since the cannonball last year.

Michael took out his camera and shot some photographs of shinya. what an honor! thank you, Michael!



the editor of hot bike japan I-san and oceanbeetle K-san were here from japan.


the super photographer Takao Isobe is here from japan, too.


mr.Okada of NICE! MOTORCYCLE in kobe is here, too.

やっぱり!NICE!MOTORCYCLE のOカダ氏も神戸からいらっしゃっていて、チャボに寄ってくださいました。

what then, we got to take them for a canyon ride! the second round.




back from the canyon. a very rare shot of three. the picture looks like they were having a serious meeting but they just had a lot of catching-up to do :)


K-san must be tired...



i forgot to take pictures of T of junkmotor but he was here, too.


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