Thursday, July 25, 2013

day 7, see the light at the end of the tunnel, maybe...

shinya finally told us that he got over the most difficult part today and now he was pretty sure that he could finish this 10-day project in time. Wata and i were so relieved and decided to take him out for a change.

ついに木村氏がつぶやいた、「よーし!」。 もっとも難関なポイントを本日どうにか乗り越えたので、ようやくこの10日プロジェクトの先が見えてきたらしい。そこで、Wタナベ氏が気を利かせて毎週木曜日恒例のドラッグレースに誘い出してくれた。ずっとぶっ続けで集中していたので、そろそろ気分転換を投入しなければ。


i haven't seen shinya smiling like this for 6 days! so glad that we took him out here to give him a mini break.


Wata has so many local friends now.


shinya went back to the 10-day project after this and Wata helped him without making any fuss for hours. very fortunate have someone like him as a friend :)


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r50us68 said...

Any hints as to where/when we might see the "10 Day" Triumph? (it was a Triumph, right?)