Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy 4th...

sin5 on my SR500 practicing :) SR500 is the last remaining card we've got...NO TRIP OVER NO TRIP OVER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

sin5 liked SR500. he said it was more easier to manage. he just needs a tad aggressiveness. "hey, let me show you, sin5! get your butt back!" uncle shinya hopped on the SR...



and we went to the canyon ride. sin5 took my SR500 so i took the CL450. sin5 rides well on the canyon road but he did tip over again when we first stopped at the spot right before the picture above. we all laughed so hard and didn't help at all. sin5 manage to recover himself and went off :<

it's 4th so the mountain was super crowded around the camp sites and river but we still could find some desolated area. good ride.



matthias said...

Yamaha SR500 is the right bike to practice for a rider - easy to handle, fun to ride ;-)

Take care & greetings from Stuttgart in Germany


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menacing ayu said...

matthias: :)