Tuesday, September 10, 2013

color coding and big tank...

this'll be the biggest and heaviest gas tank that shinya has ever made :)

and this is the biggest and heaviest gas tank that shinya has ever buffed :D


recently someone told us that motorcycle building is still a blue-collar work. shinya and i looked each other's interrogative faces when we heard that because we've never thought about what category of business we were into. i personally don't care what color our collars are, wait, we don't even wear collared shirts during work ;P anyway, we're doing whatever we love and if it requires hard work or physical work we'll do it! at the end of the day or at the time when we accomplished something and if we could still feel "man, it was hard but we love what we do!" then it's all cool. every work has hard and difficult sides so we just don't blame on the color of the collar.



Busch Brothers said...

well said! We totally agree, we would rather have the knowledge and experience, andd satisfaction knowing we created something from our mind and that it works, than to be "white collar", and not have to do hard work to be "successful" in the eyes of somebody else. You guys are such an inspiration :-)

Alfred said...

That's a big tank, indeed! Suits the beamer well.
Personally I'm in the software development business (is that white collar? don't know, really), but the satisfaction I get when I make something in 3D that I can see, feel and watch, is much greater then some computer program.

Anonymous said...

I have what people call a "white collar" job and although I work very hard to produce an end product, it doesn't leave me very satisfied at the end of the day. That is why I build bikes in my free time. It's where my heart is. The work coming out of Chabott Engineering is such a wonderful beacon. Thank you.

matthias said...

anonymous, you are so right! As a "white collar" man from Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart I can tell you, that I feel the same... During my spare time I enyoy old cars and bikes, too.

Greetings from Germany, Matthias