Wednesday, October 23, 2013

it doesn't matter if it's a teen bike or a 80's bike, they push-start it if necessary...

although they are working on the 1915 indian right now, shinya and niimie are so into 80's bikes, too. they found one on the "list" and we all went to "see it."  well, that's what they said "see it" and of course, one of them ended up taking it home as always. that's why we took our van. "just in case," they also said.


this time...niimie's turn :D


1983 yamaha vision 550...


shinya is happy, too. it doesn't matter if it's niimie's or his or somebody else's. trying a new toy is always fun.


push starting the VISION. oh, wait. this looks very familiar. ah, the last cannonball...

スターターの調子が悪いので取りあえず押し掛けする。この風景、どこかで見たことが・・・あ!前回のキャノンボール・・・ 10年代のオートバイでも80年代のでも、必要あらば押し掛けですな。

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