Sunday, June 15, 2014

cause under investigation...

found the roller cages that we made brand new were broke in pieces inside the crank case... not sure what could have caused this at this moment. maybe they weren't compatible with the old crank pin (we made a brand new pin but found malfunction so we had to use our old pin) or the material wasn't strong enough, etc etc... luckily it didn't happen during the race and there's still time so we'll find the way. our friend and his team took time and effort to make these parts for us, so we are truly thankful for that no matter what.

we have no more spare cages or crank pin in hand so there's nothing we can do about this at this moment :<


go back to square one. we live a life full of ups and downs :)



matthias said...

...I hope you will be able to repare the engine before the Cannonball! It is better to detect such a fault before the event and not during the trip through the USA! Wish you good luck and success for your Cannonball preparation! I am sure you will succeed!

Greetings from Germany


menacing ayu said...

Thank you, Matthias!!