Monday, June 16, 2014

pleasure in the quest...

niimie had two more days left but couldn't work on the indian anymore so we got to reboot our minds. decided to go for a long ride without the indian. got some extra petro.

N美氏滞在中ギリギリまでインディアンをテスト・ライドする予定が流れてしまい、あと2日残っているN美氏と何をしようかと言えば、「すべて忘れてオートバイで遠くまで行こう!」 これしかない。予備のガソリンも積んで。

 found a new route. fully enjoyed it.

 "bear crossing"


started from azusa canyon 5 minutes from our workshop and then spent whole day in different canyons. what a luxury.


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