Sunday, June 22, 2014

on the lake bed...

Wata's el camino brought us to the lake bed safely :)


 great morning.


   oh, look at shinya's game face :p


 the first pass of the day.


result = 98mph due to the blown head gasket... guess that's it for us. it's a bummer but he did his best so no regret. will come back next month, dry lake!

ヘッド・ガスケットが吹き抜けて98マイルに終わる。チーン。来月出直します。 悔しいけど出来る限りを尽くした結果なので、すがすがしい。


we decided to head back all in poor spirit and bumped into Scott and Andy in the middle of the lake bed. Andy got the second place trophy from Hell on Wheels motox race in his hand and it made our day!!

しょぼくれて早々に引き上げようとレイク・ベッドをエル・カミーノで爆走していたら、hell on wheels帰りにこっちのレースを観に駆け付けたSとAにバッタリ。しかも木村氏のXLでAが2位入賞したと聞いて、少ししょんぼりが直った。

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