Monday, June 30, 2014

team Brat Style in da house...

 Brat Style USA and Brat Style japan stopped by and of course we all headed to the canyon.

日米Brat Styleが遊びに来てくれたので、もちろん山へ。

they finally found their own place in long beach!

この時点ではショップの場所がロングビーチで決まりそう、って感じだった。(現在は決まってBrat Style USA着々と準備中)

 Go on the XL100!!!


 he's in his element riding.


one of my favorite photographers Mr.Isobe.


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Pirate Tom said...

I wish I had a canyon. Things are too flat around here. I never get any wear on the sides of my tires, and just wear the center strip out way too fast!