Tuesday, July 1, 2014

old faces and new faces...

the tyre will look like this when you ride in canyon.


 off from the CL450.


our friends from japan were racing at the pikes peaks in clorolado springs and sent us some goodies from there.


the team Jurassic Customs (ST x Cheetah Customs) and their friends were here from japan for bf6 and they stopped by. we always wanted to take them to the canyon so here it is!

チームJurassic Customs (Tキザワ氏とCheetahのTシユキ氏)それからEノモト氏、Tシ氏、そして偶然Nビー氏が遊びに来てくださったので、これはもう山しかない。ということで久々チャボ・レンタル・オートバイ総動員(預かりもの含む)でございます。

 bear and bear




"the tokyo hundreds" by Osamu Nagahama x Neighborhood 

「The Tokyo Hnudreds」長濱治 Ⅹ Neighborhood 特別な一冊、東京百人衆。ありがとうございます!

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Busch Brothers said...

the tire picture is GREAT! When we worked at the Ducati dealership, we NEVER saw tires that were only worn on the edge, but when you think about it all Ducati tires should only be worn on the edge! hahaha