Saturday, August 16, 2014

friendship and craftsmanship...

K, A and S, the team Toyooka came all the way from aichi, japan just to hand in some more parts that they made for us for our 1915 indian. it started from the conversation between shinya and niimie after 2 cannonball races. they learned weak points of this particular indian very much, they wished they had stronger this and that and K said maybe he could try.


the crank pin and cages made by Toyooka. we named them type OTOYO. they made a couple of them for our indian and came up with this one by trial and error. since we have no time for the complete compatibility test, it will be more like an off-the-cuff. we now know that anything could happen during the cannonball so we just gotta go for it.

こちらがトヨオカ製のクランク・ピンとケージの最終形。タイプ「オトヨ」と命名。出来れば「オトヨ」で大陸横断を果たしたい。しかし、相性テストする時間が余りにも短いのでほぼぶっつけ本番。何が起きるか分からない。そして、経験上何でも起こり得るのがキャノンボール。だから、みんなの気持ちを大切にただただ ゴールを目指すしかないのであーる!

it's so unrealistic for them to believe that this empty thingy has to run 4,000 miles coast to coast.


they're case hardening the cam followers that they made and brought from japan.


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