Sunday, September 7, 2014

day 3: afterward...

when we stepped out from Coker tire, the rain pelted down...


found a perfect pit space at a parking structure. shinya and niimie spotted that the rear brake was starting to bite the ground. so they've begun repairing it.


our portable welder plays outstandingly :)


 "no welding, no grinding in the parking structure." of course. so shinya moved outside...

  open-air welding


they said repairing a brake shoe is within their supposition :) it's all good now. as long as the motor runs well, they have room to breathe.

ブレーキ シュー直すのなんて、まだまだ想定内、と豪語する二人。ああ、頼もしい!そしてエンジンが調子良いって素晴らしい!トヨオカ製クランク・ピンとケージ「オトヨ」も頑張ってます!

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