Thursday, September 18, 2014

stage 13: afterward...

all the cannonballers have to keep their motorcycles at the finish for a certain time so shinya and niimie decided to work on the indian at the finish while it was still on the trailer to save some time because it will be a long night tonight.


oh, my! the original steel piston broke into a half-moon shape... sad.


finally, we got the indian back to the parking lot. somehow shinya and niimie looked very happy :)

we brought a pair of spare pistons so we just need to replace it, no problem. but some pieces of broken piston went into the crank case so we need to open the crank and clean it up.


some spectators joked about it like "well, you guys got 10 more hours before the start, good luck! hehehe" but remember? they've done this at least 8 times right before the cannonball and many many times in last 4 years so it won't take 10 hours for them to do this ;p


not just us. other teams are busy working on their motorcycles, too. and it's a great encouragement for us to see older guys working on their bikes every night just for tomorrow. nowadays, people use the word "passion" so lightly. we can feel the real meaning of "passion' just being in the cannonball.


MW and L of Union Motorcycle Classics was there with us just to make sure if we needed anything. we are fortunate to have great friends.

前回お世話になったUnion Motorcycle ClassicsのMとLは、何か必要な物・事が出てくるのではないかと、ずっと見守ってくれている。

even a support crew of other team and staff who were staying at different hotel from ours stopped by to make sure that we were ok. "otherwise, i can't sleep!" RJ said :) everybody here treat us just like a family.


 yee haw!


thank you, L for being with us tonight!


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Mac Guy said...

True Team 80 work!!! You guys are AWESOME!