Thursday, September 18, 2014

stage 13: start...

shinya and the indian to Idaho.


the indian seized at 167 miles. the piston, shinya said...


a good friend of ours JZ and his parents were here. this is his father's british car.


reunited with L of Union Motorcycle Classics.

前回のキャノンボールでアイダホを通った時にお世話になったUnion Motorcycle ClassicsのLと再開。

during the last cannonball in 2012, we were desperate in Idaho didn't know how to fix the crank case without any machinery. then we met L and MW and they not only lent us their shop but also took us to the best gunsmith and the welder in town to make a parts and helped us keep on going. we wanted to show them our healthy looking indian coming through the finish but oh, well.


meeting old and new friends in small towns in America is one of the best part of the cannonball :)


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Anonymous said...

Loved seeing you in Utah and especially in Idaho and I know my parents did as well. You three, as a team, are a true inspiration. Thank you and congratulations!

- JZ