Tuesday, April 14, 2015

no reception, no problem...

shinya traded some old good stuff he had for some other old good stuff that the other guy had.



 and then fixing flat tyre on the BSA.



 went for a canyon ride to test the "menudo" with new tyres.



came to old town Pasadena to see a documentary film. then we were in a quest for a cup of good coffee afterwards. captured the aroma and stopped. no smartphone necessary ;p shinya actually does not carry his cell phone around. he says he doesn't need any. 

夜は急に思い立ってドキュメンタリー・フィルムを観にパサディナのオールド・タウンへ。フィルムが終わってから美味しいコーフィーを求めて街を彷徨う。いい香りのするところで止まる。クンクンクン 絶対この辺にあるはず。鼻で探す木村氏、スマートフォン必要なし。実際持ち歩いていない・・・ポリシーがある訳でもなく、ただただ必要ないからなんだって。そっか。

fun to wander around the city in the middle of the night.


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