Monday, April 13, 2015

nothing but rubber...

monday. time to say goodbye to our friends from Australia. we know that Matt is coming back to Cali in june but still we gonna miss him. see you soon, Matt!


Chhun of East Fork Supply Co. were here so we went for a quick ride!

East Fork Supply Co.のCが寄ってくれたので、少しだけ山へ。

 should have taken east fork... next time!

せっかくだから橋を曲がってeast fork行けばよかったな。

got V-rated tyres for sepia for land speed racing.


i love changing tyres. i love changing tyres. i love changing tyres. shinya chanting out loud ;p


while using the tyre changer, shinya decided to change menudo's tyres, too.


here, he used up all of his energy...


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