Friday, June 12, 2015

punk's peak...

got to Jaizkibel Mountain in Spain, the punk's peak race site. it was very interesting that when you riding from France the scenery completely changes when you got into Spain.


Shiro Nakajima of 46 works' R nineT, 'Clubman Racer'!

46 WorksのNカジマ氏のR nineT! やっぱり日本のビルダーって凄いなあと感じる。

 Shiro-san and shinya.


Hideya Togashi of HIDE motorcycle's R nineT, 'Boxer'!

ヒデモのR nineT。ニクイ!

Go Takamine of Brat Style's R nineT, 'cyclone'. he was super busy building his new bike for the BF7 so he had to stay at his new workshop in Long Beach. we missed him here :<

ブラット・スタイルTカミネ氏のR nineT. ボンフリの車両製作が大詰めでロングビーチのショップに缶詰中のTカミネ氏は今回残念ながらWheels&Wavesには来られず・・・しかし、彼が手掛けたオートバイは単身たくましく使命を果たしている。泣ける。

 'faster son'

メヌード改めfaster son。こちらもなんか泣ける。

 shinya and 'faster son". so ready for the race :P

レースの準備万端の木村氏とメヌード改めfaster son

 the line for the race entrants.


Shun Miyazawa of Yamaha Europe got fired up to race his own moto.



 Alan of Revival Cycles


The Lucky Cat garage from Switzerland. very fast machine.


 it's a serious race after all.




the journalist Mark Williams who has established and edited British motorcycling magazine 'BIKE' since 1971 is on 'faster son'!


after the race.


shinya won the first round (by luck) and lost to rigid evo the next round. shinya thought he can easily won so he let it go at the start and then the rigid evo was surprisingly fast and couldn't overtake as he planned. oh, well. it was super fun race! we all had a great time up there.


el solitario! David had a mechanical disaster, his bike engine seized on the first round (not this bike) but still a happy guy :) we already fell in love with Wheels and Waves because it put emphasis more on riding and racing.


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