Friday, July 17, 2015

carb vs. injection, human vs. computer...

 happy shinya just received a set of blind bearing pullers :)


 please get the message...


the engine did stall again on the way back from the beach last night. it comes back right a way and it runs smooth but we just can't figure out the cause of this quiet stall. so they tried a different stuff.


 decided to go for another test drive to Sun Valley (there is a huge metal supply place there). got the symptom in Pasadena and, this time, it completely stopped. wouldn't start again.


 it was a really hot day and no shade...


so we called the AAA, decided to tow it back to Azusa and then work on it. however, "towing" already brings them a sense of humiliation, the young tow truck driver pour fuel on top of it. "what's wrong with your van? you guys are mechanics and can't fix it, ha? let me look at it!"


their tenacity won. the engine came back and seemed like it could make it back to Azusa. so shinya and Wata thank the driver and said goodbye to him... 

you know they are very good mechanics specialized in old cars not in modern cars (2000 is super modern to us) with fuel injections and computers. they tried everything they could think of and then went over the computer analyzer, too. even the computer couldn't tell what was wrong so, don't tell them they suck :D


一応・・・彼らは旧い車を得意とする良いメカニックなんです。フュエル・インジェクションでコンピュータ満載のモダン(我々にとって2000年式は超モダン)な車は専門外なんです。なので、最初に分かる範囲で色々やってくれて、それでも解決しないのでコンピュータ診断機にもかけたのですが、何の異常もみられず。←今ココ これは キャブ車好き vs. インジェクション車 そして、アナログ派人間 vs. コンピュータとの戦いなのです。

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Pirate Tom said...

The computer readers are seldom super helpful. It's usually a bad connection or sensor, and the computer can't tell. The lack of proper signal tends to point to something else in the engine (According to the code readers) and they lead you on wild goose chases.