Monday, July 27, 2015

curious onlookers...

at #12. Wata said he was going for another test ride so shinya and i hopped into the nova wagon as mere onlookers.


something was bothering him so he checked and fixed it while waiting for a traffic light. he couldn't do this if he was alone, so we were useful ;p

何か気になることがあったらしく、信号待ちの間にチェック & 修正するWタナベ氏。こんなこと1人で試乗中だったら出来ないんだから、野次馬隊も少しは役に立ちましたな。

looked like he was run over by the nova but was all good.


 at #7.


making the gas tank for the F4 adjacent to the air box.


the night sesh begins. 


to be continued...



jam'zgarage said...

お! さすがナベ先輩、仕上げましたね^^

Busch Brothers said...

we never ever get tired of seeing and reading your blog posts! Even if we never comment you can rest assured that Blogspot is my homepage so every single morning we read the blog and enjoy seeing stepy by step progress on everything. thank you Ayu for posting all this! :-) I am sorry we won't get to see you at Bonneville this year :-( We were hoping to race to make up for last year but we had an idea that it would be rained out since we watched the weather every day and it was rainign so much. With any luck we can make a trip to LA for El Mirage, but it is so hard to plan for just one day of racing and with a chance it too would be cancelled. But anyway, talk soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ayu! Your blog is really great and very interesting. It is always a pleasure to read Shinya's "stories" and to see him at work. I'm already waiting for your next post! A french fan.

menacing ayu said...

jam'zgarage: パイセン、さすがですよねえ。

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: thank you guys! nowadays, it seems like "blogging" is about to become a thing of the past but i want to keep on blogging. it's like a memorandum for ourselves. come to November meet at El Mirage, it's two-day meeting! hope to see you guys soon :)

menacing ayu said...

Hello anonymous French fan! thank you so much for your kind words. it means a lot to me. you and Busch Brothers made my day!! i'll keep trying my best to share what i see here at Shinya's workshop! -ayu