Tuesday, July 28, 2015

do you see what i see...

 the F4 gas tank.


pictures don't do justice... it looks flat and undefined in the picture but it's more complicated three-dimensional in person.


to be continued...


at #12. Wata is lowering the nova wagon to get the wheel alignment service before he ship it to Japan. it's also his last day in the states.


 shinya the supervisor :D


we knew that Wata installed an A/C in the nova so we accompanied him on a visit to BEAR FRAME & WHEEL to cool ourselves. you know, it was a really hot day :)


on the way back. all good now.



Pirate Tom said...

Weird thing today. At work, I sometimes have to check the addresses that we deliver to, to make sure there won't be any problem with trucks getting in and out. I use Google earth view for scouting. Today, I was scanning the neighbour hood, so that I could give directions to the truck driver, and I saw a parking lot, and some cars that were some how familiar. Then I saw the address, and several things snapped together in my mind all at once.

I was looking down at Chabott Engineering!

It felt really weird finding it randomly like that.

menacing ayu said...

Pirate Tom: What!? What a coincidence!! This is not a popular spot, you won't find it randomly like that very often :D Very funny that you can see our cars through Google earth. We should've waved at you ;p

Busch Brothers said...

Shinya the supervisor looks like Danny the supervisor :-)


menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: hahaha!!!