Sunday, July 12, 2015

el mirage july meet...

it's still dark at 4:45 am in Azusa but we gotta head to the dry lake.


it's shinya's turn to do course patrol this month along with other SDRC club members and he had to attend the patrol meeting in the morning.


remember R, the Crew Chief of Flying Marshall racing team? a couple of months ago, his dad brought him to our workshop to make one of his birthday wishes come true. R was here on the lakebed to help his dad racing :)


celebrating the legend's (guy in the navy coverall) 80th birthday together.


the sepia getting tech inspection to make sure if it meets all requirements for the upcoming speed week at Bonneville.


the sepia passed the tech no problem. however, the condition of the salt flats are not so great at this moment. a portion of the courses are still underwater and other areas are suffering from muddy salt. hoping that it dries out soon.


 shinya brought his Aermacchi :)


 shinya on duty.


 dry lake


spotted a very familiar and nice looking car on the lakebed! no wonder, it was Wata on my duster. he wanted to come spectate the race but his el camino started making very loud noises this morning so he had to take my duster.


 Wata and i enjoyed riding around Aermacchi while shinya was on duty :p


on the way back. our van started having a very wired symptom and Wata gave first-aid to it. since he was driving the duster right behind our van, "if something happens, just pull over!" he said. it was a great reassurance to me as i was driving the van.


what? come on! Wata supposed to drive right behind us but we lost him. when we turned back the way, there he was. nose cola! we laughed so hard of this like-a-comic situation.


Wata said it dropped its speed to 5 mph. turned out that the choke plate got stuck and was kept closed. glad it wasn't a big deal. anyway, both the van and the duster made it all the way back to Azusa without any other incidents. a happy ending.


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