Wednesday, September 23, 2015

a mysterious chunk of metal...

before the el mirage race our van was acting up but somehow it did perform its job as a support van during the race and we made it back to Azusa safely. now it runs but not so great as before. it was about the tranny. maybe it's time to replace with a rebuilt one.


Wata is here. so they checked the transmission oil pan and found this big chunk of metal in there. it was so big and not in shatters, they wanted to just replace this piece and see if it works before replacing the whole tranny. $$$


they found what it was (it was the end part of the transmission band, snapped and fell), found a guy who had that particular parts and they just replaced it. here, the van is restored to its former state and runs strong! i hope they replace the transmission before the next cannonball but for now, it's perfect! thanks guys!

執念で謎の物体が何かを突き止め(バンドのエンドの部分が折れて転がっていた)、更にそれを持ってる人(そんなものを持っている人がいるのがすごい!)を探し出し、しかもタダで譲ってもらって付け替えてくれたWタナベ氏と木村氏。そして、再びチャボバンがスムーズに走り出した!ミラコー! キャノンボールの前までにはミッション載せ替えるつもりですが、今のところはこれで完璧。Wタナベ氏、木村氏、ありがとうございました。

 the inner parts of the knuckle.


shinya wants to replace these tepid racing pistons back to normal pistons because the ride quality was not bad but it wasn't what shinya wants the owner to feel.


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