Saturday, September 26, 2015

motorcycle film festival in brooklyn : day 2...

in the morning in Brooklyn. it was definitely autumn here and we could even feel a touch of winter in the air. so much difference from SoCal, we were having the second summer in fall.


swung by Keino's shop for the first time! it's always inspiring to talk with friends from the other side and check out their workshops. thank you, Keino for you your time and hospitality!


back to MFF. many motorcyclists were gathering for the screening.


the fellow judge SBL and one of the founders of the MFF CM :)


one of the founders of the MFF JD and shinya. they lose all concept of time talking about motorcycle :) (probably most of the people in the venue were all like that)


love of old buildings.


we had a chance to try out Yamaha FJ09. not only Honda but Yamaha and BMW were some of the sponsors of this year's MFF. it's amazing that those big companies collaboratively help great event for motorcyclist like this one.


scooting around the town on the FJ09 :)


at the same time, we feel comfy to look at older motos like this Moto Guzzi ;P


 they own the same BSA B50 :)


after screening "two stroked - a love story", judges and film makers on the stage. this was one of our favorite films, too.

「two stroked」という2ストのモペットを中心としたカワイイ映画の上映後、審査員の一部と映画を製作したモペットを愛する女子大生達が壇上で談笑。とっても雰囲気のあるほんわかした素敵な映画。

after the judges' final meeting right before the MFF award ceremony. Paul d'Orleans, Jack Drury and Corina Mantlo. without these three, this festival would not has been possible to happen. pure ingredients of their love for motorcycle and passion for film made it incredible event like this. thank you and love you guys! and shinay said "as motorcycle enthusiasts, we got to come together and do something good for the motorcycle community!" i agree.


 and the award ceremony started. best short documentary goes to "two stroked -a love story" !!

そして授賞式の始まり。最優秀ショート・ドキュメンタリーは「two stroked」のモペット愛に!

 this year's best of of festival goes to "out of nothing"!

本年度の最優秀映画祭賞はボンネビルの最高速レースが舞台の「out of nothing」!

"people's choice" goes to "Dirtbag II" !! congratulations!

ピーポーズ・チョイスは木村氏もゲラゲラ笑って楽しんだ「Dirtbag II」に!おめでとう!

you can check all winners here


amazing people, amazing ride. had a wonderful time in Brooklyn. now we are heading back to SoCal...


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