Tuesday, October 13, 2015


artist Ken (Fusty Works from Tokyo) who did this rad art work for Brat Style stopped by. he does all cool projects with many others including this year's TROG (The Race of Gentlemen) plaque. after TROG in the East Coast, Go Takamine & Masumi of Brat Style brought him to our workshop.

来ました、アーティスト・ファスティ。こちらのブラット・スタイルのバンダナも彼の作品だし、今年の東海岸での浜レース(The Race of Gentlemen)のプラークを描いた人でもあります。とにかく木村氏も筆者もイカしてるのにじわっとくる彼の作品のワンフーでございます。浜レースを終えて西に戻って来たブラットのGTカミネ氏とMスミ嬢がそんな多忙なファスティ先生をチャボに連れてきてくれました。あーありがたや。

and of course we went for a canyon ride. took GRR all the way to Mt.Baldy.


all singles + R60/6. the best lineup ever!


run out of the gas in a timely manner!


had so much fun riding with these guys and lovely Masumi-chan.


Brat Style SR500 and SR400 ♡

Brat Style SR500, SR400 and R60/6 ♡♡ great bikes and great people.


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