Friday, October 30, 2015

last day in Sardegna...

the XSR700 that i've been riding and our group sweeper's XJR1300. they look like brothers :)


i've finally got used to this machine (it's a very easy to ride motorbike for most of people. however, the bike i usually ride is smaller and totally different from this one so it took a while for me to get used to it.) but, unfortunately this is the last day...


 the sprint race winner of the day :)


S.Miyazawa and shinya swapping their bikes.

「ここからはチミがこれに乗りたまえ。」とMヤザワ氏にメヌードfaster sonを押し付ける木村氏。

shinya wanted to feel the XSR700 again at the end.


 goodbye, the Mediterranean Sea!


 way to go, Shun!


 Mr.Yamamoto dancing to the music with Quatrro the dog in his arms :) we totally understood that it finally gave them a great sense of relief to end this event without any incidents.


great motorcycle, great ride, great food, great people. everything ended on a positive note. thank you all!


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