Friday, February 5, 2016

Del Mar tommorow!!

in an unexpected turn of events, i'm going to participate in flat track race tomorrow at Del Mar and shinya is busy prepping :) this will be totally my first time on the dirt track so shinya chose the XL100. 

ひょんなことから明日Del Marのフラット・トラック・レースに筆者が出場することになり、急遽準備を始めてくれる木村氏。ダート・トラックを走るの初めてだし、何が何だかまったく分からないので、XL100だったら大丈夫という木村氏にお任せコース。

shinya on his B50. i know he wanted to race more than anyone but he's inhibiting himself and said he would devote himself as a mechanic and let me race this time. yay!


Wata's Camaro project in progress.



matthias said...

Hi Ayu, always remember: full throttle 🏍

Take care and have fun!


icarus said...

Have a blast!