Wednesday, March 16, 2016

shiyanize it...

 time for reading :)


 ahh... shinya can't help personalizing his new moto. thinking about changing a very good LED taillight to old one or making one. 


and started to meddle with the side cover...




done! shinya likes his new side cover so it's all good. you know, personalizing his own stuff while respecting the original design...that is where all started.


the F4. now he's adjusting gaps to make all the fairings look smooth as a one piece.


1 comment:

GeoKan said...

Congrats on your new bike, I wish you many-many safe and joyous rides!
I like the old tail light better than the new, and I am sure that I am going to like the Shinya-ized version better than the stock one ;)
Go Shinya, go on the mods!