Saturday, July 23, 2016

happy reunion...

the Silver Wasp (Triumph T140V Trackmaster frame) that shinya built back in 2008 is back for a periodic tune-up.

2008年制作のSilver Wasp(トライアンフT140V トラックマスター・フレーム)が定期点検で帰省中。

 at #12. i was looking for Wata.


oh, here he is! thought he was working on the Camaro...

おお、やってる、やってる・・・ ん? なんだか様子がおかしい。

NOT! he was taking a nap under the Camaro and jumped to his feet when i yelled at him COME ON!


 the F4 wiring... is nearly finish. just a little bit more.


just a little bit more...


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