Friday, August 12, 2016

each one is having their own SpeedWeek...

spike passed tech inspection and we finished setting up our pit. 


 hi Sam-san! our friend in LA Sam worked so hard on his Miata until last night and just got here. we were so happy to see him and his land speed racer on the salt. when we met him at Bonneville three years ago, he was a spectator helping Mooneyes. at that time he told us that he was going to built Miata and race on the salt next year. he indeed has been preparing for it since then but the SpeedWeek had rained out two years in row. now he's finally here with a big grin. we are so happy for him!

と、LAの友人Sム氏が昨夜やっとエンジンが掛かったというミアータ(マツダ ロードスター)と共に登場!2年越しの思いがやっと叶った瞬間。3年前Sム氏とボンネビルで出会った時、彼はムーンアイズの手伝いを兼ねて見学に来ていた。その時、来年はランドスピードにミアータで出るぞ!と言っていたSム氏。その後、実際に準備をしてきたのに次の年から2年連続でスピードウィークが雨でキャンセルというハプニングに見舞われ、途中やる気もぐんぐん失っていたらしい。だから今日こうして塩の上で完成したミアータと共に会えて本当に嬉しい。ここに到達するまでにみんなそれぞれドラマがある。

after tech inspection, Sam was told to modify 13 points in different areas in order to pass tech and to race on the salt flats. some are minor but some are pretty much challenging to do on the salt with limited tools and materials. but since he's here, he got to do it. fortunately he's got some skilled supporters and a week to make it happen. Go Sam!


our good friend and neighbor MA of Schraders were here. the owner of this Studebaker that MA built two years ago is going to race it on the salt flats!


all we need to do now is to get some rest and get ready for tomorrow!


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