Wednesday, August 3, 2016

once in a summer...

we heard that Wata's homie old boys left Hawaiian Gardens to Sturgis this morning as they planned but one of the bikes had a trouble after only 30 or so miles. they had to get off the freeway and stopped at the off ramp which happened to be our freeway exit in Azusa. that was good, they could use our workshop to fix the problem. 


although he put new one before he left Japan, the regulator broke down or was not working properly. bummer! unfortunately we didn't have any spares but Aki of Hog Killers found one and brought it here. team Custom Works Zon from Japan, who were also heading Sturgis, replaced it in a matter of seconds. what a teamwork!

先輩曰く、「日本から送る前に新しくしてきた」というレギュレーターがイカれてしまったらしい。残念ながらチャボにスペアがなく、近所で持っていそうなところを当たってみたけど見つからず。しかし、Hog KillersのAキSカモト氏が何とか見つけて持って来てくれた。そして、これまた日本からスタージスに向かうチームCustom Works Zonが手早く取り付け。すごく豪華な連携プレーで先輩のパンは復活。

old boy M-san, YY-san of Custom Works Zon, and shinya. they all are happy now :)


now they are officially heading to South Dakota!


Hog Killers Aki is also heading to Sturgis. have a safe ride y'all!

Hog KillersのSカモト氏もスタージスに向かう。皆さんお気をつけて!

at #12. Wata's Camaro turbo project in progress. 


hopefully we could hear the sound pretty soon :)


a cat is chilling on Wata's Chevelle project :P


the Spike. race prep.


still far from over...


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