Wednesday, August 17, 2016

our roots...

we always wanted to come but never had a chance to visit Manzanar. at this particular time of the year (Aug 15th is 71st anniversary of the end of WWII) we ended up here in Owens Valley, where it was far off from our usual going-back-to-Azusa-from-Bonneville route by accident. it's a simple country highway and we never took the wrong way before and we still don't know why and what happened to us but we were glad that we drifted off.


it's located in foot of Sierra Nevada, surrounded by beautiful mountains. beautiful, that was the word we were repeatedly using along with oohing and ahhing looking at a magnificent view while we were driving. however, once we found out this was one of ten camps where all 110,000 Japanese-Americans and first generation immigrants from Japan, mostly lived in west coast, were forcedly relocated, we were shocked to see how different it looked all of a sudden. beautiful mountains became desperate wall. strong dry wind fomented hopeless. we've watched some documentaries and those words from survivors were echoing in our heads.


we are able to keep on going because of vanguard, those people who suffered and their efforts. we will never forget about that.



Kevin Hogan said...

I humbly apologize on behalf of those who cannot do so now. I am so very sorry that Japanese Americans were treated in such a cruel and disgraceful manner. Please forgive them for they were afraid, foolish and ignorant, for it was a different time and much enlightenment was years away. I am Sorry.

menacing ayu said...

Kevin Hogan: Thank you for your comment. We totally understand that it was a different time and war makes people go mad. In my personal opinion, those people who suffered are not seeking for apology but they are sincerely hoping for us to know what happened so that this kind of thing should never happen again. That's why I posted this. Thank you for your thoughtful words.

Akira said...

Ayumi san and Shinya san, my father is from Hiroshima and his uncle immigrated into California as Chrisentiment farm farmer before WWII. This means the uncle family lived in the camp like this one.
Now the third generation still live in Mountain View as land lord.
We enjoy peace having all nations join together for Bonneville.
I want to visit this site I my next visit hopefully next year.