Friday, September 2, 2016

just one more time...

because they worked on the 1915 Indian a bit more last night, they wanted to go for a short test ride just one more time to make sure :P


 they just reaffirmed that everything is good.


 yeah, we knew we needed to pack our stuff and load but before that we all wanted to do one thing. "ride our modern motorbikes!" (all from 70's) shinya and Niimie will be riding 101-year-old Indian and i will be driving the chabott van everyday for the next 20 days or so. so why not?                     


had a brilliant ride as always.


thank you N-san for the ”safe traveling" amulets.


 the very last checkup.


they gotta stop at some point because it's endless. nothing's perfect. anything could happen during the race, especially endurance race like the Cannonball. even the bike is in a great condition and runs well, just a minor thing could thwart our intention to keep on going. shinya and Niimie are doing their best so that they won't be haunted by the regret in every situation. okay, i'll do my best in driving the van to take them to the starting point and back to our workshop safely ;P


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