Saturday, September 10, 2016

stage 1, Atlantic City, New Jersey - York, Pennsylvania (152 miles)...

 at the Boardwalk, Atlantic City before the official start.


 Niimie will be the rider of the day.


 be safe and see you at the finish line!


shinya and i were waiting for Niimie and the Indian at the finish point in York, Pennsylvania and here they are, coming in. but wait, it looks like the engine was not running.


 no worries. it didn't brake. just ran out of gas :D Niimie had to push it for 1/4 miles to the finish line.


Atlantic City, New Jersey - York, Pennsylvania (152 miles) completed! although it was a short distance day, it probably was the toughest course ever especially for those 100+ year old motorcycles. so many traffic lights and traffic congestion all the way. there are 97 entries, a couple of them couldn't start, 23 were picked up by sweep trucks on the way, and one burned. from day 1, we got fresh reminder of how tough it is to cross country with an antique motorcycle. but hey, team 80 made it!

ニュージャージー州アトランティック・シティからペンシルベニア州ヨークまで(243.2km)完走! 距離は短かったけど永遠に続く信号の嵐と渋滞で100歳のオートバイには過酷過ぎるコースだった。今回100歳以上のオートバイが97台エントリーしていて、スタートできなかったマスィーンが数台。途中で引き上げられたマスィーンがなんと23台、そして1台は燃えた。初日からこのレースの厳しさを痛感させられる。しかし、大健闘のチーム80とN美氏、やったね!

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matthias said...

Well done, Team 80! Mission One completed - a good start forma great journey through the USA! Enjoy every mile ;-) Greetings Matthias