Tuesday, September 20, 2016

stage 10, Pueblo, Colorado to Durango, Colorado (264 miles)...

today will be another tough day. in order to go all miles, the riders need to ride over Wolf Creek Pass in Rocky Mountains, a 20-mile steep uphill to an 11,000 ft. summit followed by an 8-mile 7% downgrade. it will entail a considerable risk especially for those in class I riders (single cyl/no trans). so all team had a choice not to ride over Wolf Creek Pass and trailer the motorcycle to a town after the pass. but team 80 has no choice, right? ;P


due to the high altitude, the temperature dropped drastically that Niimie had to take his N-1 jacket. go Niimie, go! we'll see you at the finish!


the landscape changed dramatically in Colorado. (photo: shinya)


(photo: shinya)


at today's finish, people were all talking how difficult it was to go over the pass. rumors ran wild like most of them who took risk and went over the pass were broken down, some rider pushed the bike for 7 miles, etc. but hey, these Hendersons went all the way and came into the finish already. why not our Indian?


 #56 1914 Harley-Davidson 

 #49 1912 Henderson

 #42 1914 Indian

 and Niimie made it!!


with Niimie's past successful experiences to go over Rocky Mountains on the 1915 Indian, "it was the toughest" he said.


the front leaf spring broke with a snap and Niimie had to give first aid to keep on going...

they are not just completing the stage, all riders have their own untold stories/dramas on the way to get to the finish line. it vanish right after they finish but it will be engraved in their heart.


and go straight to our pit :D it makes us all happy that our Indian has no major issue.


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