Saturday, September 24, 2016

stage 14, Lake Havasu, Arizona to Palm Desert, California (241 miles)...

our friend in Arizona showed up to send us off to California. it made us feel that we are so close to home. thank you F-bomb, our fellow Cannonballer and land speed racing mate for coming all the way from Phoenix!


 JS and DF of Thor Loosers :)


 they showed us the true Cannonball spirits. 


 and superwoman Linda!


stage 14 has started. this will be Niimie's last ride for the race and a tough one across the California desert. there will be no fuel stop for 90 miles in some point. the heat is not good for our Indian and it will be harsh on riders, too.


 soon after Niimie left, we, the support van, left Lake Havasu, too. we share the same route for the first short distance and spotted Niimie and the Indian on the canyon road. go Niimie, go Indian!

N美氏が出発して間もなくチャボバンも出発。本日は最初の少しだけライダーとクルーが同じルートになっていて、前を走るN美氏とインディアンに追いついた! 行け、行け~

California here we come!!


at today's finish line. when #49 FW 1912 Henderson was just coming in.


 and here comes Niimie and the Indian!!


team 80, stage 14 clear!


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