Saturday, September 24, 2016

the very last maintenance night...

 okay, one more day to go.


congrats, Niimie for the perfect miles! our super friend Sunny came to cheer us up all the way from Japan just like the last Cannoball and one before that :)

N美氏は全ステージ完走、おつかれさまでした!そして、とっても大切な友人Sunny Oカモト氏が今回も日本から駆けつけてくださいました。こうしていつも元気をもらっています。いつも応援ありがとうございます!

 the official Motorcycle Cannonball photographer Michael Lichter is taking some photos of team 80 :)


the last stage will be only a 100-mile course but will start with a 20-mile steep uphill. so we all need to stay focus until the very end.


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