Thursday, September 15, 2016

stage 6, Cape Girardeau, Missouri to Springfield, Missouri (249 miles)...

stage 6 begins.


 go shinya, go!


at the goal, Niimie and i set our pit right next to #34 1915 Harley-Davidson Model F and #28 1915 Sunbeam. they were already back but we are still waiting for shinya.


#52 1916 Harley-Davidson side-car is back. he rides with a passenger but this HD runs really fast.

#52 1916年のハーレー、サイドカーも戻って来た。 (サイドカーに彼女を乗せて走っているファンキーなおじいちゃん。しかも速い。ハーレーって強い。)

 oh, no!! shinya and Indian are back but on a sweep trailer... they are helping unload other team's Indian in order to unload ours.


ok, here's what happened. the intake valve adhesion became very poor right after the start (around 8-mile point) and the Indian lost power and became very slow when it got to updrift. shinya found out that if he flicks the rocker arm it gains some power so he kept flicking millions of times and made it to 157-mile point until a rain storm and hail hit him hard and the highway was flooded (both foot boards submerged!!) he was very disappointed to take a sweeper while the Indian was still moving but it was too dangerous.


shinya flicked rocker arm with his thumb so many times that made a hole in his leather glove.


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